Doppler Study

Dr. Keith Lescale offers the latest in Doppler Ultrasound technology. Doppler ultrasound uses sound waves to measure the flow of blood through blood vessels. Waveforms of the blood flow are shown on the ultrasound screen. Maternal-Fetal medicine doppler flow studies are used to assess blood flow in the umbilical blood vein and arteries, fetal brain, and fetal heart.

A Doppler flow study is used when a fetus has intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), which means the fetus is small for his/her gestational age. A fetus with IUGR may not be receiving enough blood, nutrients, and oxygen from the placenta. A Doppler study can determine if the blood flow in the umbilical vessels of a fetus is decreased.

Recent developments in Doppler Ultrasound that are available are the Power Doppler (Doppler angiography) and low energy color Doppler. Power Doppler helps to visualize the flow of blood in smaller blood vessels. Low energy color Doppler depicts the flow of blood in the fetal blood vessels in a real time scan. Different colors represent the direction of the blood flow. For example blood flowing away from the ultrasound probe looks red on the monitor, while blood flowing toward the probe is blue. Color Doppler is indispensable in the diagnosis and assessment of congenital heart abnormalities.


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