Pre-Conception Counseling

Dr. Keith Lescale has pre-conception counseling available to help a woman make informed choices about formulating a plan to promote the best possible outcome for her future pregnancy. There are many reasons to schedule a pre-conception counseling session including maternal age, family history of a genetic condition, and maternal chronic illness. Even the couple’s ethnic background is a consideration for genetic screening tests. Because there are so many prenatal screening and testing procedures, many patients choose to make a pre-conception appointment in order to educate themselves about their options.

During a pre-conception counseling session the patient will meet with a genetic counselor and/or a maternal-fetal specialist depending on the patient’s background. The genetic counselor will advise the patient about any genetic concerns and what tests are available to find reassuring answers. The Maternal-Fetal specialist will be involved in the appointment if the patient has an illness such as diabetes or hypertension, or if previous pregnancies had complications.

Recommendations from a pre-conception counseling session are an invaluable resource to a woman in her decision to have children.


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